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• 10/26/2016

We need ideas, and what better way to get them then by inspiration?

Hello my dear users. Now, before we get into any major story archs, we need help. And, since we are just a bunch of dweebs on the internet looking for a way to share our ideas, what better way then inspiration? So, to get these ideas, we need to understand the genre we are working with, being a mix of mecha and kaiju. So to get a even better understanding of this genre then we already have (we are dweebs from a website called Wikizilla.) lets watch some anime and tokusatsu, to help jog our minds about everything. also, understanding politics and law is a given, which is why I am electing the following to watch.

ShinGojira:  A beautiful mix of everything we need, with the exception of Mecha

Neon Genesis Evangelion: Despite not being actual Mecha, This show is probably the only reason this wiki exists. It also has a tasteful mix of many of our wanted subjects.

End of Evangelion: Can't say i have seen the movie yet, but I can confirm it can help. Despite not having any Angels to fight, this movie helps out with all of our subjects.

Soul Eater: Well, if anyone screencapped it, I said at one point our battles should feel like those in Soul Eater, fast paced and epic, while keeping a sense of realism. Except maybe more, well, darker, yah know. 

Pacific Rim: Before you start raising a petition to kick this wiki, keep in mind this is a tiny bit of what we need. Although honestly everything about it is shit. 

Mobile Suit Gundam (As much of each series as you can): Um..... Gundam.


Now, these are only a few things I can ask you guys to do, but I want YOUR suggestions on what to add here. This wiki isn't just about me, everyone seeing this post has contributed. And that's what matters the most. So please tell me of anything you think can help, by just commenting, thanks.

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