Shen Yuan is a secondary character and the pilot of Huijin, Kyusei Mark III. Shen died on January 5th, 2067 at the age of 21, when he committed suicide out of grief of the death of his friend, *******.


Shen was introduced in ********* during an attack on Bejing from Demeter. His family is fleeing from Demeter as it destroys his apartment. Shen's mother, Biyu Yuan, and his sister, Chunuan Yuan, are killed under debris of a toppled building, Shen and his father barely making it out of the city alive. After they escape the city center, Shen and his father set up camp in a rundown, uninhabited district of the city outskirts. As Shen is sleeping, his father is overwhelmed with the loss of his wife and daughter, and shoots himself in the head, killing himself. When Shen wakes up the next morning, he finds his father dead in a pool of his own blood, with a note in one hand and his pistol in the other. Shen, sobbing, grabs the pistol to keep, and reads the note, which wishes Shen luck in 'surviving in the cruel world', and to be stronger than his father. Fueled by his empowered hatred for Exogino, he contacts the Kyusei Legion to help fight the Exogino and have a place to live. The next time he is seen is fighting Apollo with Huijin several episodes later.

The rest is TBA