The Sixth Mass Extinction is an event in The Epoch of Serenity. It wiped out half of the Humans and 3/4 of the Earth's animal population. It takes place in 2048.


The Sixth Mass Extinction took place in the year 2048, A year where global war was dominating the globe. After the mysterious appearance of a strange creature in Greece at the base of Mt. Olympus, The worlds nations set out to capture it. After meeting at the base of Mt. Olympus with the creature missing, the armies fought, and each nation was blaming the next for taking it and hiding it. After a 7 day war, 7 armies remained, and 7 men from each army stood at the base of the mountain and signed a peace treaty. As the last man grabbed his pen, he was shot, and then his army was shot down as well. The remaining six men gathered their armies, and the Sixth Mass Extinction begun, wiping out the remaining armies and half of the Earth's population.