The Epoch of Serenity (平和前の時間, Heiwa Mae no Jikan, lit. Time Before Peace), often referred to as its abbreviated form TEOS is an American anime series and manga created by SuperNerd295 and GodzillaZero-One, that is to be released.


52 years in the future, giant Kaiju like beings known as Exogino appeared on Earth and wiped out half of its population in one day. Leaving Humanity shattered, they had no other choice but to fight back. With the work of many nations, and much effort, the remaining humans created the first Kyosei, humanitie's weapon against the Exogino.


The Epoch of Serenity has many characters. For the sake of simplicity, here are the main ones.

Toshiro Magata ~ 17 year old boy living in New Tokyo (City J-1) who pilots Kyusei unit one.

Yuki Magata ~ 9 year old girl living with her brother Toshiro until she mysteriously died.


"Epiphany of Humanity!" ~ Is the first episode of The Epoch of Serenity. It takes place 12 years after The 6th Mass Extinction.