Hey guys, well, the five people that actually do stuff here anyways. I have a poll, question for you. Should we have a second season? I know its way to early to decide on this, but I just wanted to know your thoughts. So, these are the ideas I have in mind.

1. half way through what would be the first season, split it up to make 2 seasons. This is the best way to do this, as it would put less strain on us while we are writing, and allows us to take breaks and upload the first chapters as Webcomics.

2. Actually make a season 2. And by this, I mean make something we have no planning to make. As for you that have been here for a day and talked to me or Zero or BRK, you know we have set out goals and plans for this series. So, by making a Season 2, we could do some other thing to wrap up the show. unlike having a more stereotypical ending where the good guys kill the bad guys, we could make a new season and end it in a way no other show has done it. The good guys could all die for all I care. I dont know. But we could introduce new ideas this way, but put more strain on us and the project. 

3. Conclude it with a movie. This is literally the way most of my favorite anime did it. Conclude themselves with a big movie. Something big, flashy, somethings no ones seen before. With this idea we come up with two sub ideas.

3.A make a season 2 AND a movie. Long and tedious, but worth the effort. 

3.B throw a second season out of the window and make a movie. 

4. Make no season 2. its just plain as daylight.

5 Other. I want to see your ideas. make sure that if you vote other, to explain what you would do. or just tell me what you voted for. But just remember, we are only super early in the development process. We shouldn't be thinking about this stuff yet, but its just something to think about.